OpenJDK Proposals Would Improve Java Model Matching

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Java programming is expected to be enhanced with record templates and array templates, as well as pattern matching for expressions and switch instructions, although the arrival time of these capabilities remains unclear.

In an online presentation on March 23, Gavin Bierman, a consulting member of Oracle technical staff, cited these features as being at the center of two proposals for improving the Java Development Kit (JDK) for a further release. indeterminate from Java, which would include them in a preview step. The hope is that they will appear in the JDK 17 version scheduled for September.

Proof record templates and table templates, as well as type models (from Java 16), in the Java language would greatly improve the expressiveness and usefulness of pattern matching, and allow more sophisticated and composable data queries, the draft proposal says. Record templates, table templates, and type templates can be nested, as in templates within templates. The syntax or semantics of type models would not be changed.

Pattern matching has been introduced as a mechanism for allowing common logic in a program, namely the conditional extraction of components from objects, so that they can be expressed more concisely and more securely. The proposal notes that with JDK 16, published on March 16, instanceof The operator has been extended to take a type pattern and perform pattern matching. The proposal of record models and table models is based on the correspondence of models for instanceof.

Pattern match for switch, meanwhile, would allow an expression to be tested against a number of models, each with a specific action, allowing complex data-oriented queries to be expressed in a safe and concise manner. The objectives of this proposal include expanding the expressiveness and applicability of switch phrases and statements by allowing patterns to appear in case labels and by allowing switch historical zero hostility to be relaxed whenever you want.

The draft proposal also introduces a guarded model, so that the pattern matching logic can be refined with arbitrary Boolean expressions and the pattern in parentheses. Existing switch expressions would still be compiled without modification and executed with identical semantics.

So far, features officially targeted for JDK 17 include improved pseudo-random number generators and one new macOS rendering pipeline. More will almost certainly be added in the coming months.

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