p2pool V1.0 has just been released! : Monero

p2pool is, as the name suggests, the new peer2peer monero mining pool that eliminates the problem of centralizing regular mining pools.

it has no pool administrator, no fees, and cannot be used for network attacks.

if you still run the top 5 pools, consider upgrading to p2pool!

(the only downside is you need your own monero node but you should have one anyway!)

Edit: Here is the link to the github

if you are like me and have never worked with github i think you should use the cmd, navigate to where you downloaded the monerod.exe that was included using “dir” to view this which is in the current directory, and “cd” to go to the .exe.

then you put “start monerod.exe –zmq-pub tcp: // 18083” when you are in the correct directory

pretty sure it’s the same to run the p2pool.exe after finishing the sync

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