Politico avoids fake basement quarantine news when listing Chris Cuomo’s issues

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Sundays Politics listed a number of reasons why newly fired Chris Cuomo has embarrassed his network, CNN. However, there is one very large item that was omitted from the list. Here is what Politics‘s Tara Palmeri listed and see if you can guess what particular she left out. I’ll give you a hint, this was a blatant example of fake news that Cuomo was widely laughed at.

–He bizarrely denied the allegations of sexual misconduct in a leaked phone call with MICHAEL COHEN in which he and Trump’s former attorney rehearsed how to do an interview.

– Almost came to blows with a right-wing troll in the Hamptons after being called ‘Fredo’.

– He received priority Covid tests (thanks to his brother, then Governor ANDREW), flouted Covid restrictions after being diagnosed with the disease, then got into a fight with a neighbor who called him about it.

–He faced allegations he sexually harassed SHELLEY ROSS, who was Cuomo’s executive producer when the couple worked for ABC News.

– He clashed several times with his CNN executive producer MELANIE BUCK, who then allegedly “begged to quit” her show.

– And then finally came the news that he had advised his brother Andrew on how to defend himself against several women who accused the governor of sexual misconduct – which was confirmed by an investigation by the New York attorney general, and prompted CNN to suspend Cuomo and mount what would be his latest investigation into the network.

Of course, the answer is Cuomo’s ridiculous basement quarantine stunt that he was mocked for because he pretended to finally leave his basement confinement despite the fact that a week earlier. , he had been caught miles from home. Ironically, this was brought up in the Politico list he was called upon for flouting the Covid restrictions by a neighbor.

This laughable escapade was covered by Newsbusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro on April 21, 2020 (Click “expand” below):

Allegedly cleared of the coronavirus by the CDC, CNN PrimeTime Chris Cuomo took his first “official” steps Monday in his basement quarantine for weeks. Or at least that was what he and CNN wanted you to believe. See, this “official” outing came a week after Cuomo was caught outside, with his wife and children on Easter Sunday, and berated the 65-year-old cyclist who called him. Cuomo even admitted to the altercation on his April 13 radio show which resulted in a police report filed against him.

For weeks now, Cuomo has been using his diagnosis to explode President Trump’s response to the crisis. But according to an April 14 New York Post report, Cuomo hadn’t tried to protect people. On the same SiriusXM show, when he complained about his work at CNN, Cuomo complained that it prevented him from acting aggressively towards people who called him for his nonsense, citing an altercation with a “fat tire loser” to make his point. .

Following that report, the cyclist recounted how he saw Cuomo and his family flout social distancing guidelines on Easter Sunday (April 12) when he was supposedly in quarantine. After asking why Cuomo wasn’t in quarantine while sick, the CNN host started yelling at the man (something a person with a lung infection shouldn’t do).

… Despite this news, CNN continued to act as if Cuomo had never left the basement where he did his weekday shows.

… Then on April 20 came Cuomo’s supposed first steps out of quarantine. “Okay. It’s here. The official entrance. From the basement. Wiped out by the CDC, a little sweaty, just worked. It happens. It’s what I dreamed of. Literally for weeks. He proclaimed as he climbed the stairs in a personal video.

He added: “This is the dream. Just to be back here doing normal things.

Yes indeed. Cuomo has been lying to his viewers for at least a week. April 12 was when he was picked up, who knows how many times he climbed those stairs with the cameras off. It’s CNN.

So if Cuomo was categorically lying to his viewers, then CNN was helping and cheering him on this fake news stunt, which is probably why Politics jumped on it. Far too embarrassing for another member of the mainstream media.

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