Politics: Jennifer Rubin is so pro-Biden that she embarrasses Biden allies, WashPost Reporters

Politico “West Wing Playbook” writer Alex Thompson reported on Thursday Washington post Writer Jennifer Rubin has gone from “one of the most reactionary critics of the Obama administration” to “one of the most trusted defenders of the Biden administration.” She has “distinguished herself as the favorite columnist of the Biden administration.”

It makes you “distinguished” and not obsequious. Look at the numbers:

Leader RON KLAIN Retweeted or @ mentioned Rubin more than three dozen times since mid-May. The White House Press Team, the Democratic National Committee, the state department, and the office of the vice-president have all promoted various columns and tweets from her in recent weeks.

This is because Rubin generally supports the administration. Over the past month, his headlines included: “Biden speaks candidly – and wins kudos, “State Department deserves more credit for efforts to evacuate Americans from Afghanistan,” and “Why Kamala Harris’ trip to Asia was so important. “

What makes this story fun is how Biden’s allies and Washington post journalists find Rubin’s boosterism embarrassing.

The White House has encouraged outside allies to share some of Rubin’s articles online. One of them told West Wing Playbook that they refused to do it because they thought it was fair too embarrassing seriously share a Rubin column, given her history as a curator and perceived tendency to comply with administration.

A To post the clerk said some people in the newsroom increasingly frustrated that Rubin is repeating the administration’s criticisms of the media, which, according to them, encourages the administration to push journalists even further. Two others say they are just trying to ignore it or not reading its columns.

An anonymous To post reporter has expressed pride in “fairly sharp” articles about Biden’s policies on immigration and Afghanistan, and “Jen Rubin is not a good representation of the media coverage of The Washington Post. I’ve been asked before if I hate sharing a newsroom with her … I say no.

Then, Thompson created a journalistic controversy by refusing to accept Rubin’s request to protest the story unofficially: “On Thursday we reached out to our reporting. Rubin responded in an email with the line to object “OFF THE RECORD. Since we never agreed to conduct such an informal conversation, we are posting it below in its entirety. “

In most newsrooms, putting “Off the Record” in the subject line would put it Off the Record, but she clearly didn’t know that Thompson would play the “I didn’t agree” card. She probably should have gotten his consent to his request before she started complaining. Here is a part of it (his italics):

How entirely predictable that Politico would run the zillionth best-selling article about a prominent woman, particularly one outspoken in its critiques of Politico’s hysterical and clickbait cover style. The idea I am polarizing in a newsroom (as opposed to one of dozens of other opinion writers) is a “take” that only Politico could come up with – of course running to ask the question in the first place. . I hope the great folks on the news side of the Post don’t spend time thinking about me (as is entirely appropriate).

She also objected to the story appearing on Yom Kippur. Other reporters mocked this rejection of the unofficial request, noting what came immediately after:

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