Ready to resist and you don’t know where to start? Our new round of activism is here for you

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Your feedback is always welcome! You can sign up to receive email and SMS action alerts by taking any of our actions. Here is an overview of our current actions:

Reproduction freedom

The new conservative composition of the Supreme Court has brought reproductive freedom to the fore this year as Republican-controlled states feel encouraged to pass increasingly restrictive abortion laws. This week we campaigned against to spill Deer vs. Wade and for increased access to abortion ahead of the Mississippi Supreme Court case to set the constitutional right to abortion on fire. Previously we fought against the Texas Abortion Act SB8 and the companies that funded the sponsors of the bill.

Actions you can take

Right to vote

As always, Republicans continue their war on the franchise. Our team generated thousands of letters, calls and texts, strengthening support for the John Lews Voting Rights Act and the Freedom to Vote Act, pressuring members of Congress to act. The Republicans filibustered both. But whatever their cynical expectations of voters, every call and letter you send proves them wrong.

The team also supported field activities in Washington DC and West Virginia. We have helped bring people to rallies and register people to make calls.

Legal campaigns

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans were able to fill the Supreme Court with three right-wing judges during Trump’s tenure, first by obstructing President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland, then changing Senate rules to confirm Neil Gorsuch , then by confirming Brett Kavanaugh despite the highly credible assault testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, and finally through an ultra rushed and insanely hypocritical confirmation of Amy Comey Barrett just before the 2020 election. To restore the balance, we coordinated campaigns for expand the Supreme Court and promote confirmation of President Biden’s judicial candidates. So far, the Senate has confirmed eight of the candidates we have campaigned for and is considering five more.

Actions you can take

Rebuild Better Act

Democrats have a historic opportunity to pass the Build Back Better Act, a bill that fights climate change, improves our health care system, halves child poverty, and provides universal kindergarten for all Americans. If passed, it would transform the American people, and Democrats are already halfway there after a House victory last month.

Passing the Senate is the biggest challenge, but Daily Kos will continue to fight for the strongest bill possible. We’ve implemented mail campaigns that focus on different parts of Build Back Better, including weather, health, immigration, prescription drugs, and tax the rich.

So far, we have generated over 40,000 phone calls and over two million founding letters to Congressional Democrats thanks to your persistent advocacy, which fuels our activism team. Your stories, your fears, your hopes, together influence our leaders to act. It is the power of collective action.

Actions you can take

We want to hear from you! Let us know below about any action you take in your own communities. What is motivating you at the moment?

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