Rep. Madison Cawthorn loses him, claims Biden secretly confiscates Bibles and guns

An example of the Republican Party’s collective mental instability is Representative Madison Cawthorn claiming that Biden is secretly going door-to-door to confiscate Bibles and guns.


Cawthorn said: “And now he’s starting to talk about going door to door to get people vaccines. Think about what mechanics they would have to build to perform this huge thing, then think about what use those mechanics could give them. They could then go door to door to pick up your weapons. They could then go door to door to collect your Bibles.

Biden is a devout Catholic who attends church more often than Rep. Cawthorn, so the odds of Joe Biden removing the Bible from anyone is exactly zero, which is also the same number of gun confiscation bills as Biden suggested.

As Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said, the Republican Party is going crazy. The government will not go door to door to vaccinate people. Community leaders and local leaders will go door to door.

No federal government official will go door-to-door

Biden is offering a community outreach program, which will involve local officials encouraging people to get vaccinated. This is not espionage or a data collection operation. It is only members of the community who encourage their neighbors to get vaccinated.

Republicans have gotten to the point where even the most trivial suggestions turn into dark conspiracy theories.

As Biden’s successes continue, Republicans sink into total paranoia.

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