Republicans prioritize tax cheaters over big cats over everyone

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Because while Portman had to make sure he understood how McConnell wasn’t writing the bill, McConnell is absolutely in charge of the Republicans. And when McConnell said he has the “total unity” of his team to hamper Joe Biden’s presidency, he is not bluffing.

As if to demonstrate, Republican Senator Mitt Romney – the only guy who supposedly represents anything among the GOP –parrot party line about Schumer being too hasty. “I think we’re going to move quickly, but we’re not going to vote on something until we actually have a bill,” he told reporters late last week.

Schumer also set the deadline Wednesday for a deal within the Democratic caucus on the budget plan that will form the basis of a larger $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill that includes the key economic priorities of the plan. Biden. He intended to make the two parts of this process – the ordinary bipartisan bill and budget reconciliation, which can be passed by a simple majority – run side by side.

“Everyone has had productive conversations and it’s important to keep the two-way process going,” Schumer said Thursday when he announced Wednesday’s deadlines. given this legislation next week. “

On Friday, however, a reliably right-wing and anti-immigration federal judge in Texas threw a wrench into the proceedings, adding more complexity to what Democrats need to do by declaring the deferred action program for the arrivals of. children (DACA) illegal. Which means that pave the way for citizenship for Dreamers and other immigrants in the reconciliation bill has become urgent and essential to ensure that this is done this year.

At least Democratic Senator Joe Manchin it seems to go with the addition of immigration into the mix. He still finds “very, very disturbing” that the proposal deals with climate change, However.

But support a reconciliation bill that could raise taxes for the rich and invest in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels? “It’s a challenge,” Manchin said. It’s going to be a long and busy week.

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