Republicans publicly praise Trump as he threatens to sink them in 22

As Chairman of the GOP Senate Campaign, Senator Rick Scott of Florida told VICE News in July, “The topic of conversation is the Biden agenda and what we’re going to do in the future. “

Yeah, not so much. This is not the message Trump is wearing, wants to wear or will wear for as long as he is alive to complain about the alleged 2020 election fraud that never happened except in his fantastical fever dreams.

But it’s too late for Republicans. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell completely missed his chance to impeach Trump and hammer one last nail into his political coffin. Instead, the Republicans chose to hand their entire party and his fortune to someone whose only life purpose now is to make the world believe he’s not the loser that he really is. And now, absolutely no one in all of the Republican Party has the vision, the willpower, or the leadership skills to put Trump in the party rearview mirror.

In fact, no one illustrates how pathetic the Republican Party has become more than Trump’s No.2 Mike Pence, whose gallows contact on Jan.6 did not deter him from sucking his former boss for curry. political favor with the GOP base.

Of course, the Trump base tried to hang him, but Pence is in view of a 2024 offer and no bottom is too low on the way to this ungodly grail. So Pence took to Fox News earlier this month and called Trump’s murderous coup attempt “one day in january“that the media obsess over unnecessarily.

Pence’s fully bankrupt sycophancy perfectly sums up the GOP’s public approach to Trump’s de facto party leadership and a potential 2024 candidacy.

88-year-old Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa jumped at the chance last weekend to hug Trump so he could navigate his golden years in a completely hollowed out soul ship. Grassley—who nine months ago called Jan. 6 “an attack on American democracy itself” – accepted Trump’s endorsement by stressing his political expediency.

“If I didn’t take the approval of someone who has 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart,” he observed. So much for this attack on American democracy.

This is exactly how we ended up with Trump as the head of the country: no one in the Republican Party had the courage to face him in 2016. They all crossed their fingers and prayed to heaven that Trump to go away. Instead, he won the nomination, won the election, and then GOP lawmakers spent another four years privately complaining about Trump’s leadership of their party to reporters on the Hill. Again, no one had the courage to face it. Even after Trump instigated the Jan.6 coup attempt, Senate Republicans, led by McConnell, lacked the courage or integrity to hold him accountable.

And again, as we head into the midterms of 2022, Republicans are publicly embracing Trump. while berating him in private– as if the result would be different this time around.

CNN has a story full of fresh and glowing quotes with GOP lawmakers praising Trump’s contribution to the party, downplaying his role in the deadly Jan.6 siege and even urging him to stand for re-election in 2024.

“If he ran, I think he would be the candidate,” Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, a member of the conservative Republican study committee, said. who is supposed to represent something, told CNN. “He had nothing to do with January 6. I think that’s a crazy idea. I don’t think he got hurt in the party.”

In fact, the head of the Republican Study Board, Representative Jim Banks of Indiana, said Trump would also have a “great chance” of winning the 2024 general election.

“If President Trump runs in 2024 he has my full support,” Banks said. “The ‘Make America Great Again’ message makes more sense today than it did in 2015 when Donald Trump came down the escalator, because people feel it, they see America’s decline under Democrat watch. “

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina called Jan. 6 “an aberration that shouldn’t have happened,” but relieved Trump of his guilt. Regarding Trump’s baseless election fraud allegations, Wilson – who called President Barack Obama a liar during a speech to Congress – said: “there were irregularities that need to be investigated” and “yes “Trump is expected to run again.

Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the third House Republican, praised Trump for “drawing large crowds” and credited Trump’s efforts to help the GOP reclaim the House.

“The enthusiasm has never been greater for us to win the House back. And President Trump is really going to help us get there,” Scalise said. In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Scalise also declined to take a position on whether he supports Trump’s claim of a stolen election in 2020.

So little divine intervention, all signs point to a race for Trump and a GOP surrender in 2024, that they actually believe it is good for their party or their electoral prospects. Even if Trump manages to condemn a GOP takeover in 2022, no Republican has what it takes to orchestrate his ouster.

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