Right-wing Rep Ken Buck gives Big Lie a new twist, claims Google stole election

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Part of what makes this particularly blatant is Buck’s follow-up statement to voters saying, “And when you ask them about this, and I know people who own newspapers and I ask them about this. topic, and they say: a technical thing. We don’t know what the outcome was. We just know that we did it, that a technical person did it. Absurdity! They chose the winner.

Think about this explanation for a second. If you’re someone who uses even the most basic critical thinking, you must be wondering what the hell Rep. Buck is saying here. The fact that Google is a monopoly is a problem. The fact that Google is manipulating its search engine to help crush the competition in its various businesses is nothing new. He was wanted and reported for years.

But Buck goes even further by claiming that Google is part of the Big Lie, rigging the election in favor of Joe Biden. “They can move, the estimates are that they moved 15 million votes, because every time you request an article on Donald Trump or every time you google Donald Trump, and people here google in a more sophisticated way but the people over there that were hearing about Donald Trump and they’re like, you know, ‘Donald Trump. Hunter Biden?’ ”It’s verbatim. You can watch the clip below 1,000 times and it doesn’t ‘Still won’t make sense how “you know,’ Donald Trump. Hunter Biden? ‘got 15 million voters to vote for Joe Biden.

Someone in the audience heard this and the video jumps out at him, asking Buck to explain his claim that Google search engines “returned 15 million votes to Biden.” Buck rolls up his wit sleeves and throws the egg heads under the bus! “What I’ve heard from, you know, sort of academics on this issue, is that by changing the algorithm, you can return 15 million votes.” According to Buck, the academics he spoke to say you can influence the 15 million vote to vote for Biden over Trump. In fact, “It absolutely happened. Absolutely. The algorithm has happened.

Buck then goes on to explain that on the “day after this algorithm went into effect,” the conservative readership of some publications declined. This may be true, although it has been true for much longer for progressive online news sources. In fact, you can just read how the conservative reach has received a huge boost at the expense of progressive and more liberal media over the past six years. here. Buck ends by saying that even though Democrats won’t investigate further, Republicans will still win the next election because “people are so upset with boys playing female sports and critical race theory and all the other stuff. happening “.

Buck, like the rest of the Republican Party, now taking up the mantle of the scam of his voters by fully sublimating himself to Donald Trump, simply retreads on Trump’s authoritarian attempts to undermine our democracy. By the time Trump took office, his entire administration was devoted to trying to find ways to retain power, being in the truly unenviable position of feeling impostor syndrome while actually being an impostor. a person.


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