Ripl One headphones with subwoofer stimulate your brain with vibrations on your spine »Gadget Flow

Listen to music in a whole new way with the Ripl One headphones with a subwoofer. You love the bass you get from your subwoofer at home, so why not enjoy the same experience with your headphones? With the Ripl One, it is possible. They have an attached subwoofer which sits at the base of your neck. It vibrates to the beat, stimulating your rotation and giving you a whole new experience. Using built-in low frequency tuning forks as bass notes, they work with all genres of music. In addition, you can associate them with your mobile device with ease for completely wireless listening wherever you go. Enjoy an easy to control gadget: just tap play and adjust the volume. Designed to fit comfortably over your ears and at the top of your spine, they’re perfect to wear for hours. Finally, with a rechargeable AAA battery, they give you all the listening time you need.

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