Discover the advantages in safety and tranquility provided by travel insurance

See in this post about the Advantages in security provided by travel insurance
São Paulo - Place of rest chosen, vacation booked, tickets purchased, accommodation booked, bags packed and itinerary assembled. It seems that everything is fine, but to make a smooth trip as planned, without any unforeseen inconvenience, it is essential to have travel insurance so that your dream trip does not become a terrible nightmare.

National travel insurance on Travel Ace Assistance can start from R $ 5.20 per day! “Hiring travel insurance is essential, as it guarantees traveler safety and tranquility. The last thing a vacationer wants to think about is how to resolve an unforeseen event, an eventuality outside their city, ”says Federico Siri, President of Travel Ace. Nobody wants an unexpected event in a trip, Travel Ace Assistance can help at this time, in case something happens. See below the main reasons to always travel with travel insurance.

Where are the bags? 

The luggage does not arrive you wait for hours and nothing. The bags are missing, lost or still appear, but are damaged. Travel insurance reimburses expenses incurred due to the delay caused by waiting for luggage.  Another situation that can happen and ruin the tour is theft of luggage in taxi, hotels, public transport and parks. Coverage is also guaranteed in this type of case.

Need medical care 

Vacation and rest do not combine with illness, but it does happen. On a trail you can get hurt, eat something that is not good, break a tooth in a fall, find the local climate strange, several situations can occur and going to the medical center can generate a cost higher than the expenses of your entire trip! Medical and hospital costs, dental assistance, pharmaceutical expenses with full coverage of travel insurance, including medical transfer and a health professional's trip to the place where you are staying.
Ensure your entry into most European countries 

Have you heard of the Schengen Treaty? It is a convention that establishes the opening of borders and the free movement of people between 30 European countries. Among them are members of the European Union (except Ireland and the United Kingdom), in addition to non-EU countries: Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. If your destination is one of these countries, it is necessary for tourists to have medical travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand Euros, they do not always check when entering the country, but it can be a determining factor for deportation in some cases. 

Medical emergency

In the middle of the trip, that kidney stone gives a signal, he needs to be hospitalized in a hurry and perform the surgery. In addition to coverage of expenses, you can also count on a hotel reservation for a companion in case of hospitalization, in addition to round-trip airfare for a family member who will assist the patient. 

Trip cancellation, can you? 

When a trip is scheduled, often months in advance, there is no way to predict what might happen over time and close to the dream vacation, you have to postpone it, now what? Whatever the reason for cancellation, travel insurance covers the costs of: cancellation of tickets, taxes and hotel reservation. 

I need to go back: NOW 

In the middle of the trip something happens that forces the traveler to return, the first thought may be the value of this sudden interruption of plans. In addition to all the worries this certainly does not need to be bothering anyone, travel insurance provides complete coverage.  

Without handkerchief and document 

When you least expect it, you are taken by surprise without documents and without your credit cards due to loss, theft or theft. In addition to the scare and all the bureaucracy, it is necessary to communicate, often in another language. Travel insurance guarantees support in the mother tongue, conveys an urgent message, financial, legal assistance and even the concierge service.

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