‘Sociable Soccer’ is coming to PC and consoles in spring 2022

It took several years, but the Sensible football following is finally about to be launched on PC and consoles. Tower Studios and KPL have revealed this Sociable football will reach PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X / S and Steam in the second quarter (aka Spring) of 2022. The developer is not yet ready to show the game in action, but it promises improved gameplay, sharper graphics and better match than the Apple Arcade version you see here.

If you purchased the Early Access version on Steam in 2017, you will no longer have to pay. Tower promises a new code when Sociable football is available in the Valve store.

As you might expect, Sociable football is practically the antithesis of “realistic” football matches like FIFA 22. It is meant to be quick, easy to grasp and whimsical. You can send emojis to your rival, for starters. It won’t appeal to diehards who demand real teams and real players, but it might be fine if you are looking for a quick fix in soccer.

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