T-Mobile Confirms Data Breach, Offers Free Identity Theft Protection

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The other day it was reported that T-Mobile’s customer information database could have been hacked, in which it was estimated that 100 million people could have been affected. This was according to a database that was sold online by the hacker in which they were asking about $ 270,000 for the entire database.

That being said, T-Mobile has since confirmed that the breach did take place and has confirmed that personal information such as customer names, date of birth, social security numbers and driver’s license information were stolen. The carrier also estimates that around 48 million customers may have been affected by this, which is about half of what the hackers claimed.

The good news and the upside of this is that at least no credit card or payment information was disclosed in the process, so you may not need to change your credit card numbers. credit for now. T-Mobile also announced that it will offer affected customers a free two-year identity theft protection subscription.

In a declaration made by the carrier, “We take the protection of our clients very seriously and will continue to work tirelessly on this forensic investigation to ensure that we take care of our clients in light of this malicious attack. “

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