Thai factory explosion kills one, mass evacuation underway | Thailand News

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Thousands of people evacuated as firefighters battle flames for hours after an explosion at a plastics manufacturing plant.

A massive explosion at a factory rocked the Thai capital, killing at least one person and injuring 29 others, officials said.

The fire started at around 3 a.m. (8 p.m. GMT Sunday) on Monday at a foam and plastic pallet manufacturing plant in an area in the southeast just outside of Bangkok near the airport of Suvarnabhumi.

Local disaster authorities said 70 homes were damaged and fires were still in progress nine hours after the explosion.

Reuters news agency, citing officials, said a rescue worker was killed in the blast.

Residents of Samut Prakan province who live within five kilometers (3.1 miles) of the factory, owned by a Taiwanese company, have been relocated as a precaution, authorities said.

The cause of the explosion had not yet been determined.

“At first it was like lightning. After that, I heard something loudly fall, and for a while the house started to shake as if there had been an earthquake, ”said Baitong Nisarat, a resident.

The factory, which manufactures expandable polystyrene foam, is located approximately 4.8 km (2.98 miles) from Bangkok’s main international airport, Suvarnabhumi.

The airport said flights and its operations were unaffected by the blast

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