The AKG Ara USB condenser microphone features high-resolution 96 kHz converters for professional sound quality »Gadget Flow

Enhance your online videos with the AKG Ara USB Condenser Microphone. Since audio quality is an integral part of successful video footage, this USB condenser microphone features high-resolution 96 kHz converters. Delivering professional, high-quality sound, you won’t need to edit your content afterwards. In fact, the AKG Ara delivers crystal clear speech and exceptional vocal and instrumental tracks. Plus, with dual outlet models, you can focus on just one voice or instrument. Or target everyone in the room if you’re in a group. Simply choose cardioid directional pattern to focus on the sound right in front of the microphone and minimize background noise. Or switch to the rear omnidirectional pattern to focus on all the sounds surrounding the microphone. Finally, thanks to Ara’s plug-and-play design, setting up and disconnecting takes just seconds.

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