The Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display is basically a wall-mounted smart photo frame »Gadget Flow

Hang the Amazon Echo Show 15 smart display on your wall and access everything where you want it. Using the next-generation Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor, this smart home gadget features a scalable quad-core architecture. Impressively, this makes it capable of a ton more operations per second than the the previous generation. Moreover, it can process voice recognition on the device and also can handle computer vision workloads at the same time. In addition, it recognizes a person registered for a new feature: visual identification. Supporting 1080p video streaming, this device acts as your kitchen TV, allowing you to watch news or shows and movies through streaming services. Another cool feature is that you can ask Alexa to show the photo frame. Then it will display family photos or artwork to be part of your decor. Finally, use Alexa widgets for your calendar, sticky notes, smart devices, and live camera feeds.

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