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Linux Command Line, Bash Shell, Secure Shell, Ubuntu & Kali – This is your 34 hour guide to mastering one of the best business operating systems on Earth

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Master the Linux command line (+ Live Linux Labs)

The course teaches you the basics of the Linux command line and takes you on a journey with a good learning experience. Here, you’ll learn how to use file attributes and permissions, use cron to schedule jobs, and create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance for practice. In addition, you will learn the Linux file system and navigation, the vi editor with practical uses as well as the various word processing commands for working effectively with Linux. In addition, you will have access to the Live Linux Lab environment.

This is a set of 7 courses (364 lessons) containing the following courses:

  • Master the Linux command line (+ Live Linux Labs): Learn the basic Linux command line and create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance
  • Master Bash Shell scripts: automate your daily tasks: Boost your productivity with Shell scripts
  • Mastering Secure Shell (SSH): Gain in-depth knowledge of how to become a power user of SSH
  • Kali Linux Hacker Tools, Tips & Techniques: Learn the fundamental skills of Kali Linux to work efficiently and flawlessly
  • Ubuntu Linux on Windows with VirtualBox for Web Development: Download, install and run Ubuntu Linux on a Windows computer
  • Linux basics for beginners: Learn Linux, Understand Ubuntu, and Become a Professional Linux User
  • Kali Linux for beginners: Learn ethical hackers to use Kali Linux easily and quickly
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