The Neo Forza FAYE 32 GB DDR4 4600 MHz dual channel kit

CL 19, more waterproof than many DDR4-3600 kits

DDR4-3600 is still the frequency of choice for many users, especially those running AMD systems, but lately the tightest timings readily available have been CL 18 and many kits aren’t even that fast. This is what makes this DDR4-4600MHz kit so interesting, its XMP timings are impressive 19-26-26-46-74.

The Neo Forza FAYE 32GB DDR4 4600MHz Kit, with a refreshing lack of RGB was recently reviewed by NikkTech on an EVGA Z590 DARK. Performance, at least in memory bandwidth sensitive tests, was impressive and the kit outperformed kits with lower frequencies on more general tests. They were also able to achieve DDR4-4800 easily, without any impact on stability; it would be interesting to see what could be handled with the timings at lower frequencies. Retail DDR4-3600 Neo Forza FAYE features 18-19-19-39 times, maybe this kit could improve it.

RAM also comes with a lifetime warranty; another interesting feature of this kit.

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