The non-sexist pinky ring O-My is inspired by the Italian tradition of signet rings »Gadget Flow

Inspired by the Italian tradition of signet rings, the gender-neutral pinky ring O-My is the perfect accessory for women. If you remember the Italian masterpiece rings from the 1960s, you are going to love this 100% designed in Italy ring. Handcrafted in silver and hand-lacquered enamel, this ring is currently available in six different colors. Choose from fun choices like pink, blue and yellow or go for a classic white or black ring. This non-sexist ring is a ring that anyone can wear, no matter what color you choose. You’ll feel like you’re living in the 60s when you slip on one of these rings, which have a flat-topped oval face. Completely free of nickel, cadmium and phthalates, this pink signet ring is a sleek and modern reimagining of a vintage classic.

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