The Republican Party is dead, but what drives its dragging corpse is much worse

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Thusday, Axes reported on how “Donald Trump and his associates are systematically reshaping the Republican Party, working to install hand-picked loyalists in federal and state governments, and destroy those he deems disloyal.”

Trump’s winnowing of the GOP occurs at all levels. Governors, Senators, and Representatives all faced major opponents, or a sudden lack of donors, when they clashed with Trump. The same goes for members of state legislatures. The same goes for members of national and local electoral commissions. So have candidates up to the level of local school boards.

All of these candidates have one thing in common: “They support all of his efforts to reverse Joe Biden’s victory.”

Surviving the current purge within the Republican Party doesn’t just mean pledging allegiance to Trump, it means actively supporting the big lie about the 2020 election and using it as leverage for all elections to come. For Axios, this raises the question of whether “do these contests help Republicans secure new majorities in 2022, or split the GOP into brutal primaries that indirectly boost Democrats in the general election? “

But the stakes are far greater than whether or not Democrats can retain a slim majority in the brutal response that always seems to accompany midterms. Because the purge consists in installing only Republicans who will never lose again… whatever the vote says. From county election councils to state legislatures to the governor’s office, Trump is setting up teams that will only send Republican voters to Congress. No counting required.

Of course, Trump is unlikely to move all of the people who, like Meijer, failed to turn around last time around. Its good. As Meijer has already learned, he could still survive in 2022 with “A blind eye here, radio silence there”. He does not necessarily have to lead the cheerleaders for the overthrow of democracy. He just has to stay away.

On Thursday, Mark Meadows appeared before the Special House Committee on January 6 a presentation explaining the plan which had been formulated within the Trump White House, mainly by lawyer John Eastman, for having canceled the 2020 election.

This plan does not have only one way to destroy democracy. he has options. Many of those options depend on a Trump-backed vice president who accepts the plan, which is why many Republicans were so anxious to slip that rope around Mike Pence’s neck. But one of those steps – having state legislatures simply send out Republican voters lists, regardless of the outcome, is certainly the easiest. And while these slates are certified by Republican governors, it’s unclear exactly what the next steps are.

Many of the other options are based on the idea of ​​declaring that election results involve fraud. Which is certainly easy enough to do when Trump supporters are the only ones counting the votes. Like in Georgia, where like Reuters reports, a bill passed by the Republican-controlled state house allowed Republicans to purge Democrats from county election boards.

The Spalding panel, a rural area south of Atlanta, is one of six county councils that Republicans have quietly reorganized in recent months through similar county-specific state legislation. The changes expanded the party’s power over the selection of members of local electoral councils ahead of the crucial congressional midterm elections in November 2022.

Republicans are preparing to count the votes. Then they determine which votes count.

In 11 months there will be an election. The question is whether this will be the last election. But of course… filibuster is a big old tradition. And senators have their priorities.

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