The US dollar is used 10 times more for crime than cryptography as a proportion of total transactions. The story that crypto is used by criminals is wrong. : Cryptocurrency

Over and over again, I’ve heard the same argument that crypto is great for criminals because it’s anonymous blah blah blah …

In reality, crypto is pseudonym, unless you are using something like monero. It is possible that each address has its owner identified through centralized exchanges that allow us to exchange fiat for crypto.

Every transaction is also visible to everyone, so it’s impossible to hide anything. People who truly understand crypto know that it is a horrible device for criminals.

This is corroborated by the data, which shows that 0.34% of crypto activity is linked to crime, while in the United States, 2-5% of GDP is linked to crime. It’s 6 times bigger at its lowest, and 15 times bigger at its highest.

The story that crypto is used by criminals is a complete lie. The US dollar is used a lot more and is a much better tool for a criminal than crypto.


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