This AI can tell how long politicians stare at their phones during debates

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During a debate, those in the room should be aware of what is going on, especially during a political debate that could potentially affect the whole country. However, politicians are people too, and just like the way we are distracted by our phones at work and in school, so are politicians.

But how much time do they spend on their phones? Is it a short period of time to take care of things, or are they distracted because they are not interested in what is going on? This is what an AI called Dries Depoorter tries to find out where, during television feeds of political debates, the AI ​​can digitize the video and not only determine how long a person is looking at their phone, but also who they are.

The images and videos are then uploaded to social networks where they are “ashamed” to be distracted. However, to be fair, AI doesn’t know why politicians are on the phone. Like we said, maybe they are doing some other chore while being present at the debate, so we’re not sure it’s 100% fair to call them.

However, according to the creator of AI, the idea behind this project is not to shame politicians, but rather to draw attention to how AI can potentially be misused for this. level of intrusive surveillance.

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