This handy clip turns your Xbox Series S into a portable gaming machine

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With the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo tried to create a hybrid device that was both portable and doubled as a home console. Naturally, this resulted in some compromises in the hardware where they had to make it small and light enough to be transported. This is also why consoles like the Xbox Series X and S are so bulky.

However, if you like the idea of ​​being able to bring a console like the Xbox, then you might be interested in the xScreen. It’s a Kickstarter-launched accessory that you can clip onto the Xbox Series S and turns it into a sort of gaming laptop. It even comes with a built-in display, so all you need is a power outlet to plug in the Xbox Series S and you’re good to go!

According to its creators, “With the release of the Xbox Series S from Microsoft, we saw an opportunity to create a full-power portable console due to its small form factor. The xScreen has an integrated design that connects to the Xbox Series S with removable foldable screen and included speakers delivering a laptop-like experience on a console.

This is an intriguing idea and if you are interested in it then you can pledge your support on his Kickstarter page. If you were to promise your support now, you would be able to save up to 20% off the console’s retail price, so go ahead for the details.

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