Tokyo Olympics: schedule, how to watch, everything you need to know

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The Olympic Games are here! the Tokyo Olympic Games Opening Ceremony went off without a hitch. We have already seen the beginnings of new sports like skateboarding and surfing. Simone Bilès has also already played with others to come.

But we are only just getting started. There is a lot more sports coming to the Tokyo Olympics. Here’s all you need to know.

The Tokyo Olympics are here!

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What is the program ?

You can consult the full and updated program here. The games are expected to feature 33 competitions and 339 events held at 42 venues.

How is Japan protecting the Olympics from COVID-19?

Olympics participants will need to use COCOA from Japan Exhibition notification app and be tested for COVID-19 every four days.

Vaccinations are not mandatory for Olympic athletes participating in the games, but many countries ensure that all of their athletes are vaccinated before attending.

The IOC has published a number of “playbooks” for participants, staff and journalists covering the Olympic Games. If you are curious you can read them here.

Can the public attend the Olympics?

Tickets initially sold out for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, but from now on, spectators will be forbidden to attend the games in Tokyo and its surroundings. Events organized outside the area covered by the emergency (such as the marathon) will allow spectators, but they will be required to do not encourage runners on the roads, as the New York Times noted.

We know for sure that international spectators will not be able to attend. All overseas people got their tickets refunded.

Why aren’t we called the 2021 Olympics?

Another good question. Despite being held in 2021, these Olympics are still officially referred to as the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Tokyo Olympic Games Logo

The logo is this checkered circle, designed by Tokyo-based artist Asao Tokolo.



“This plaid pattern in the traditional Japanese color of indigo blue expresses a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplify Japan,” the The International Olympic Committee explains. The three different shapes of the pattern represent diversity, equality and excitement.

How to watch the Olympics

the The Olympics are back on NBC, with a 24/7 online stream if you verify that you are subscribed to cable. NBCSports Gold will have a dedicated Olympic Games package – pay an upfront fee and you can watch it anywhere, without interruption from commercials.

Tokyo is 16 hours ahead of the west coast, so watching live should provide a good coverage of the events. It’s a bit trickier on the East Coast, where you might have to rely on the highlights.

US residents do not need a cable or satellite television subscription to watch the Olympics on NBC’s family of channels. NBC itself will be the main channel, but you’ll also find coverage on NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, Olympics Channel, Golf Channel and Telemundo. The main live tv broadcast services include most or all of these NBC-related channels, and each includes NBC, but not in all markets. The Olympics will also be broadcast in 4K HDR on two of the services, FuboTV and YouTube TV. See below for more details.

If you live in an area with good reception, you can watch for free on NBC by simply attaching a affordable indoor antenna (under $ 30) to almost all televisions.

Peacock offers three tiers: one limited free plan and two premium plans. The ad-supported premium plan costs $ 5 per month and the premium ad-free plan costs $ 10 per month. Live coverage of the Olympics is available on the free tier for all events except men’s basketball games in the US, which require one of the Premium plans.

YouTube TV costs $ 65 per month and includes NBC, NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, Olympics Channel, Golf Channel, and Telemundo. Insert your postal code on its home page to see what local networks are available in your area. Read our YouTube TV review.

To watch in 4K HDR, you must subscribe to be subscribes to the company’s new 4K option it costs an additional $ 20 per month on top of the regular monthly rate of $ 65 – although there is a 30-day free trial long enough to last throughout the Olympics. However, 4K streaming is not available in all markets; here is the full list.

Hulu with Live TV costs $ 65 per month and includes NBC, NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, Olympics Channel, Golf Channel, and Telemundo. Click the “View channels in your region” link on its home page to see which local channels are available in your zip code. Read our review of Hulu with Live TV.

FuboTV costs $ 65 per month and includes NBC, NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, Olympics Channel, Golf Channel, and Telemundo. Click here to see what local channels you get. Read our FuboTV review.

Unlike YouTube TV, Fubo’s 4K coverage of the Olympics costs nothing extra. Unfortunately, it’s only available in five markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Boston.

AT&T TV’s basic $ 70 per month package includes NBC, NBCN, CNBC, USA Network, and Telemundo. You’ll need Spring for the $ 95 per month plan to also include the Olympics Channel and Golf Channel. You can use his channel finder to see which local channels are available where you live. Read our AT&T TV Now review

Sling TV’s $ 35 per month Blue package includes NBC, NBCN, USA Network, Olympics Channel. You can add CNBC and Golf Channel for an additional fee. Sling does not offer Telemundo. Sling offers NBC only in 11 major markets, so you won’t be able to stream NBC live unless you live in one of these areas. Read our Sling TV review.

All of the above live TV streaming services have free trials (except Peacock, which only has a free tier), and all of them allow you to cancel at any time and require a solid internet connection. . Looking for more information? Check out our guide to live TV streaming services.

In UK and Australia

The BBC will cover the matches on TV, radio and online in the UK, with more information on Eurosport, a pay-TV channel. The time difference is eight hours there, so you will have to get up very early in the morning to watch live.

In Australia, Seven Network will broadcast free coverage on Channel Seven, 7Mate and 7Two. It’s a good year to watch Down Under, with Sydney just an hour ahead of Tokyo.

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What events are new?

There are six new or returning Olympic sports be careful of. Disappeared in London and Rio, men’s baseball and women’s softball are back due to their huge popularity in Japan. Five nations will join the hosts to compete for gold on the diamond. (Don’t ask me to explain how do they qualify.) Karate, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding are also new, in a “How are you kids?” movement by the IOC. In the same vein, basketball adds three-on-three tournament for eight nations. Rugby sevens, a variant with seven players on each side, and golf return after their debut in Rio.

Where are the next Summer Olympics?

Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics, having lost to London in 2012. The United States has a chance in 2028, when it will be Los Angeles. the Olympic Games website has cool pages on all games of the modern era, dating back to Athens in 1896.

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