Trump caught in the act as Committee 1/6 has metadata linking White House to coup

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Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Committee 1/6 had metadata from the White House on the letter to election officials in Georgia trying to get them to cancel the election.


Rachel Maddow asked Schiff: “It emerges from a discussion in the recent deposition which there was white house metadata on this letter to Georgia officials suggesting that the letter to these georgia officials could be from in the white house, what maybe not just a Jeff Clark problem, it may be an asset white house problem. Is your understanding of this situation ? Are these the implications of this metadata? Do we have this the right way about?

Schiff replied: “I think you do on the basis of what the committee has disclosed on matters that we asked Mr. Clark, that he was metadata indicating a blank Hany role or communication through the white Huse of some sort. This is exactly why we need these witnesses to testify so that we can understand which part of this plot to overturn the elections was the White House involved, which part was the president personally involved in, to what the wait was there that the the last resort effort could involve violence against the Capitol for delay or hinder voter attestation results?”

If the data links the White House to the coup, then this is proof that not only did Trump use his campaign to attempt to overturn the election, but he abused the power of the presidency to attempt to overturn the election.

The ongoing criminal investigation of Trump in Georgia concerns an attempt by an elected official to use his office to interfere with the results of an election.

Trump using his office to try to overturn an election is a crime against the United States of America.

The 1/6 Committee appears to have a lot more information than Trump and his allies know, and they may be able to trace the coup directly to the former president.

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