Trump is dividing the GOP against itself in a way Republicans could not have imagined

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This gave him a lifeline within the GOP even after his attempted coup and defeat at the polls. It may be years before we learn exactly why Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans lost 10 of the 17 votes they should have provided to condemn Trump. Maybe there was just no political will within the conference, or maybe they actually made the strategic decision that not ditching it would be better for the party electorally than it was. let go completely. If so, it’s worth remembering that they made this assessment after already suffering two astonishing losses in the Georgia Senate second-round, in large part because of Trump’s relentless electoral fraud lies. depressing participation among its most ardent supporters.

Either way, Senate Republicans have handed Trump this lifeline, and now we’re just beginning to see how disastrous this decision has been for the party as a whole.

None of this is to say Democrats are guaranteed electoral victories in next year’s midterms. Indeed, all historical trends suggest the opposite for a party that controls the White House and both houses of Congress.

But it’s a claim that Trump’s continued presence in the party – and indeed his total takeover – is already proving so much more deleterious than beneficial. It’s something I’ve been writing about for months, and maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by the total collapse of the GOP under Trump’s thumb, but I have to admit I am. Trump forms an alarming number of Republicans’ most critical congressional races through bless the nominations of those who most enthusiastically embraces his big lie about stealing the 2020 election. Trump has also crushed Republicans in several swing states (Wisconsin and Pennsylvania) and Texas (!) to run Arizona-style audits even after this hilarious mess confirmed Biden’s victory, and its surge continues in other states (Michigan) at this very moment.

But Trump is also marking these successes by shattering state parties and pitting Republicans against themselves in almost every case. Internal GOP bickering over whether mock audits should continue or go far enough has erupted in almost every instance, sometimes pitting Republican lawmakers against each other (Michigan) or pitting them against local GOP officials ( Arizona). Right now in Nevada, a swing state with a key Senate race in 2022, the state’s GOP is in full merge mode, or a “civil war” as Politico put it.

Against this background, Trump this week released what could be his most disturbing statement yet– a threat to lower the participation rate if the Republicans did not “resolve the presidential electoral fraud of 2020 “-setting an impossible bar for every Republican sitting across the country.

Other than that, Trump said: “Republicans will not vote in ’22 or ’24. It is the most important thing for Republicans to do.

A CNN / SSRS poll this week asked respondents if Republicans and Congressional Democrats “deserve to be re-elected.” As you might expect, the numbers weren’t exactly good for either party, but they were positively terrible for Republicans, with just 37% of respondents saying they deserved re-election and 63 % saying they didn’t deserve it. (Democrats were 46% yes / 54% no.)

But the real problem for Republicans is reporting support within their own party, with 35% of Republicans self-identified in the poll as saying GOP members don’t deserve to be reelected, and only 65% ​​say they are. ‘they’re doing it. (Democratic voters’ ratings of their own members were better, with 20% saying their members did not deserve to be re-elected and 80% saying they deserved it.)

This internal erosion of GOP support continues to manifest itself in Civiq’s tracking of party support, where Republicans have never really regained a foothold among their own voters since election day 2020. Similar to the CNN poll, only 66% of registered GOP voters have a favorable view of their own party.

Democrats, on the other hand, mostly do among their own voters with a favorable rating of 86%.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Republicans also saw a sharp drop in confidence among their own voters shortly after the 2018 midterm elections. So yes, the GOP could bounce back.

But now, Republicans in Congress have Trump working against them every step of the way. And he will never be satisfied until he achieves total dominance, including full and unequivocal endorsement of his 2020 election fraud lies by all GOP lawmakers across the country.

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