Twitter tests ads in replies to tweets

Don’t be surprised if your Twitter feed is cluttered with more ads than usual. The edge reports that twitter is trial a format that displays advertisements in replies to a given tweet. As Bruce Falk, head of revenue products, explains, those involved in the test will see ads under the first, third or eighth response to a tweet. The experience is global and applies to Android and iOS users.

Falck noted the ad format generates value and “aligns incentives for creators and advertisers”. However, he also acknowledged that it was not a foolproof concept. Twitter would spend the “coming months” testing the frequency, layout and other aspects of the ads to see how well they work and affect the community. This could be useful for advertisers, of course, but it could also lead to more compensation for Twitter users.

It’s probably not the kind of Test on Twitter you would like to see, but it’s not surprising. Twitter was eager to find new sources of income for itself and its most prolific users, ranging from Blue subscriptions To Tips jar donations. Ads in replies could not only improve Twitter results, but also attract creators accustomed to making money from sponsored posts on Instagram and TikTok.

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