Uber Eats now lets you search for food using emojis

Have you ever opened a food delivery app like Uber Eats and spent an hour trying to decide what to eat? With so many restaurants at your fingertips, you can be spoiled for choice. However, the next time you’re stuck, maybe try inserting an emoji to help Uber Eats recommend places for you.

In what looks like a rather new update to its platform, it looks like Uber Eats will now allow users to search for its mobile app using emojis. This means that if you fancy a burger, just type in the burger emoji and Uber Eats will bring you burgers in your area where you can pick it up or order it. You can also try other emojis like pizza emoji etc.

We’re not sure how this is supposed to be easier, as typing “burger” or “pizza” would produce the same results, but like we said, it’s a fun update. It can also be useful if you are in a foreign country and want to browse for food but don’t know how to type it in the local language, so this is probably one of the most useful ways to take advantage of the update. .

This feature will be available in the new pickup cards inside the Uber Eats Android and iOS app, as well as its website.

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