Video shows Inspiration4 crew’s first view through SpaceX glass dome

Hayley Arceneaux, a member of the Inspiration4 crew, looks for the first time through the dome.

Hayley Arceneaux, a member of the Inspiration4 crew, looks for the first time through the dome.
Picture: Inspiration4 / SpaceX

A recently released video from the recently completed Inspiration4 mission shows the incredible moment the fully private crew opened the dragon cupola hatch, revealing a breathtaking view of Mother Earth.

This took time, but images of the Inspiration4 mission are finally starting to come out. Sian Proctor, pilot of the Crew Dragon capsule, tweeted a video earlier today, showing “the moment when me and my amazing team … opened the [SpaceX] cupola for the first time, ”she wrote, adding that it was a“ real highlight ”of the Inspiration4 mission.

Normally this upper part of the Crew Dragon is used for mooring to the ISS, but for Inspiration4, SpaceX shaped the nose to include a three-layer plexiglass dome known as the Dragon Cupola.

Ambient background noises from the Crew Dragon can be heard as the crew opens the hatch. The mission mascot, a plush golden retriever doll, floats through the capsule. Crew members Chris Sembroski, Hayley Arceneaux and Jared Isaacman look up in anticipation of the sight. that of Richard Strauss Thus spoke Zarathustra, the musical classic featured in 2001: A Space Odyssey, plays in the background (Proctor complaints it was his idea and that she downloaded the track to her iPad before launch).

“Oh my God,” Arceneaux said. She starts pulling a long white ribbon out of a carrying case, saying, “Okay, I have some work to do. The tape is the Dragon Hatch Seal Cover, which is used to “keep the hatch seals free of debris and eliminate the need for periodic crew cleanings” according to at NASA. The view from space stops Arceneaux from cold, as she is mesmerized by the scene that takes place in front of her.

Amid the oohs and aahs, Sembroski can be heard saying, “Holy shit”, in what is a very fitting response to the situation. Proctor’s camera captures the incredible view of Earth and the numb faces of his teammates.

The hatch was opened very early in the three-day mission, which ended with a successful landing in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, September 18. In a post-flight press conference, Benji Reed, director of crew mission management at SpaceX, noted problems were encountered with the waste management system (i.e. toilets), which is located just below the dome. In a Tweeter released yesterday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the same, noting that “we’ve had issues with [the toilet] this flight ”, and that an upgrade is required.

No further details were given, but exposure to weightlessness can cause vomiting and diarrhea, a condition known as “spatial adaptation syndrome”.“People with the disease may also experience “Congestion of the face due to movement of fluids to the head, headaches and back pain”, according to at NASA. The reason is probably related to the movement of fluids in the body due to microgravity and / or sensory conflicts, in which a person struggles with the absence of noticeable highs and lows. About half of all astronauts suffer from space sickness during their first few days in space.

In a Tweeter, Isaacman said that moving and working in microgravity “really came naturally for all of us.” He had a “minor pressure feeling” in his head, “kind of like hanging upside down from your bed, it took about 36 hours to start easing for me.”

We don’t know if any of Inspiration4’s crew members fell ill, but the faulty toilet doesn’t seem like fun, especially given the cramped quarters. Hopefully SpaceX finds something.

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