Well: Doocy forces Psaki to condemn communism, grill her on Biden by appealing to the UN

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Three days after asking him for the first time whether the administration would condemn communism and the horrific effects of far-left ideology on life in Cuba, Fox News’s Peter Doocy finally asked the press secretary to White House Jen Psaki on Thursday condemned both communism and demanded that the regime grant “freedom” to the Cuban people.

And, on another matter, Doocy urged Psaki to ask the Biden administration to invite the United Nations Human Rights Council (which includes oppressive regimes such as China, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia , Somalia and Venezuela) to scrutinize the US government and see it as repugnant. and systematically racist.

Doocy started with Cuba and Communism by telling Psaki:

Now that you’ve had a few days to think about it, does this White House still think the protests in Cuba are taking place because people are unhappy with an increase in Covid cases there, or are there think about the possibility that they are protesting because they are fed up with communism?

After a week of refusing to condemn communism and its murderous results, Psaki finally denounced him as not only “a failed ideology” but the one who “disappointed the people of Cuba”, who “merit” both “freedom” and “a government that supports them.”

Doocy went on to quote US protesters chanting “where is Biden” to inquire about Biden’s plans for future comments on the island nation’s protesters.

Before his comments on camera later in the afternoon, Psaki insisted that Biden has “made it clear that he stands with the Cuban people in his call for freedom from both the pandemic and the decades of repression and economic suffering to which he has been subjected by the authoritarian regime of Cuba ”.

Doocy then turned to the Biden administration’s invitation to the much-aligned and mocked United Nations Human Rights Council, which seemed to equate atrocities in countries like Cuba and China with American racial tensions. (click on “develop”):

DOOCY: Why is Secretary of State Blinken trying to address human rights in the United States by inviting experts – UN experts from Cuba and China here?

PSAKI: Well, first of all I would say, uh, the secretary made a detailed statement about why he’s holding on – why he thinks we need to play a role in uplifting and pushing countries to do better in this matter. rights, on ending systemic racism in their country. And certainly, human rights will always be a priority for the Biden administration and for this State Department. As the secretary said in his statement, he believes responsible nations should not shy away from reviewing their human rights record. Rather, they should recognize it with the intention of improving it, and also pushing and uplifting and – and highlighting – other countries that need to do better. And that’s the role we play here from the United States.

DOOCY: But you’ve just sorted out all these problems with Cuba. They have dissidents who disappear there. In China, there are a million religious minorities interned with cancer. Why are they going to come here and tell us how to improve our country?

PSAKI: I certainly don’t think that’s the format of the event, but raising and elevating human rights, systemic racism, the – uh – the – uh – the steps that have been taken – the mistreatment Uyghurs like I think referencing here to China and – and pushing other countries that have a spotlight on them to do better, is certainly a role that we can play on the part of the United States.

Elsewhere in the briefing, three journalists addressed the important issue of inflation and the administration’s attempts to minimize it.

ABC’s Rachel Scott went first and artfully posed to Psaki the possibility that the administration had “underestimate[ed] the impact of all this government spending … on inflation ”, but Psaki reiterated the idea that inflation is “temporary” due to the restart of the US economy.

Minutes later, carnival barker Brian Karem stepped in and brushed off comments from JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon that inflation may not have been “just temporary” and how the White House has created such a disconnect in the financial world.

McClatchy’s Francesca Chambers got down to serious business and the impact it has on “Average Americans” (click “expand”):

BEDROOMS: Just to stay on inflation for a while. What is the White House’s message to average Americans, including those with limited incomes, those currently experiencing higher prices for food, clothing, and other goods and services? You mentioned that it should be gone next year. But – but what is your message to them in the meantime? Is it just to wait for him?

PSAKI: It’s certainly not what I said before, but I will say our message is that we understand the threat of inflation. We will be vigilant as to the necessary responses. It’s important for Americans to know and understand that these impacts are temporary, and that some of these price increases are – are the result of the economy restarting, and the experts will tell you, whether it’s the hospitality or airline industry back to pre-pandemic prices. I will also note that the President has taken a number of steps including ensuring that the vast majority of the American people receive checks for $ 1,400, shifting the Child Tax Credit to people’s bank accounts today. ‘hui because he knows Americans need a little more help, still needs a little more help as the economy picks up, so he is committed to helping workers, and he It is also important that people understand the transient nature of inflation.

And to close the briefing, PoliticsLaura Barrón-López asked an important question in Cuba about whether the federal government would act on the request of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and other Florida officials to send “communication balloons from a higher altitude to the Internet in Cuba.

Of course, Psaki had nothing to offer on his viability.

To view the relevant transcript of the July 15 briefing, click here.

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