What’s going on with the nunchuck in Arizona? Attorney General’s video widely mocked on Twitter

It’s a real thing happening there.

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich must be very stressed. It is considered the Republican Party’s best chance to put Senator Mark Kelly’s seat blush in the next election. He is the favorite for the nomination against Senator Kelly. But he was also, until recently, on the list of MAGA-lite officials who are not delusional enough to support all of the frivolous conspiracy theories Trumpers would like to investigate. Trump attacked Brnovich for failing to comply with his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, and has supported more openly fascist candidates to replace ordinary fascists like Governor Doug Ducey.

After Trump directed one of his oafish attacks on Brnovich in May, Brnovich started adding more ultra-right stories to his platform. This included writing letters to the Justice Department with strong words about how lenient they were to immigration and calling on the DOJ’s well-justified mistrust of the Cyber ​​Ninja electoral fraud farce recount debacle in partisan Arizona. Recently, Brnovich added some anti-vaxx nonsense at public exhibitions showing how far he will go to win his party’s nomination. It’s an attitude toward the two-dimensional concept of masculinity of the 1990s action star Donald Trump represents.

OMr Brnovich took that fragile masculinity to its end on Friday and tweeted this video of himself, showing everyone his nunchaku skills. Literally.

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