Xbox Insiders 360 gamerpics now display correctly on modern consoles

If you’re attached to your Xbox 360 gamerpic but hate the way it looks small and ridiculous on modern consoles, do not replace it with a newer one yet. Microsoft developer Eden Marie announced that a recent correction for gamerpics Xbox 360 on new consoles is now rolling out to Insiders, so everyone should get it soon.

As a reminder, the tiny 72×72 pixel Xbox 360 game images have never been enlarged on newer consoles, so they’ve gotten smaller and smaller and don’t have the right shape, to boot. Marie and other engineers originally solved the problem by resizing the icons to the correct size, adapting their square shape to a modern round gamerpic (rather than cutting corners), and even using transparency for an appearance. more transparent.

According to a tweet from Marie, the transparency fix was “pushed back a bit due to user comments that square images looked too different from normal player images.” On the contrary, the circle is now semi-transparent. It will only appear if you have already had an Xbox 360 gamer image, “and if your current gamer image is not already your Xbox 360 gamer image,” she said. Once set, any changes you make on an Xbox 360 console will be “automatically carried over.”

The patch first arrived on the Xbox Alpha Ring, but has now reached the Insider ring starting with Alpha Skip Ahead users. While waiting for more feedback and possible changes, it should progress through the levels of the Insider Ring and reach all users in the near future.

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