You can crack AirPods Pro until next year

Image of the article titled Psst!  Apple is giving you another year to fix your crackling AirPods Pro

Photo: Adam Clark Estes / Gizmodo

When the AirPods Pro first launched in 2019, some faced sound issues like crackling or faulty active noise cancellation. A year later, just as the warranty was about to expire, Apple introduced a free repair program for affected users. That program was slated to expire this month, but now it looks like Apple has extended it for a year.

The change was first spotted on Reddit (Going through MacRumors). All the way down Apple’s pageit now states that the program will cover affected AirPods Pro for three years. Since Apple clarifies that the affected AirPods Pro were manufactured before October 2020, this would mean that the program will now remain in effect until October 2022.

More specifically, the program covers two types of problems. The first is any sort of crackle or static noise that increases in noisy environments, during exercise, or during phone calls. The second is if the ANC does not work as expected. Some examples provided by Apple include wobbly bass or increased ambient sounds.

If you hear crackles, Apple first tip making sure you have the latest software on the Apple devices it’s connected to. It also suggests making sure there is no wireless interference and testing if it is possibly an app-related issue. Then if none of that works, it’s time to use the free repair program. You can bring the affected headphones to Apple (either through a support line or at an Apple Store) or any Apple Authorized Service Provider.

There are a few other conditions to keep in mind. To begin with, your crackling buds should be eligible for the program. It means no AirPods or AirPods Max. According to MacRumors, AirPods Pro will also be examined to verify that they are actually affected. Apparently, most people with crackling heads have used the free repair before. But, if you have a pair of launching AirPods Pro with sound issues, and for whatever reason, do not have? You get an extra year to get your butt going.

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