You can now purchase a subscription for textbooks

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If you’ve ever been to college, you know second-hand textbooks save your life (and your wallet). This is because for some reason not only the tuition fees are insanely expensive, but the textbooks as well. Also, sometimes speakers don’t always make full use of them, which means there are certain textbooks you must have that are used a handful of times.

However, there is good news on this front. If you’re a parent or someone starting or going to college, Pearson has announced a new subscription service called Pearson Plus. For those who are not familiar, Pearson is one of the largest publishers of textbooks, and Pearson Plus essentially allows students to pay a monthly subscription to access the textbooks.

There are different plans available, such as the $ 9.99 per month plan which gives you access to one manual at a time, or the $ 14.99 per month plan to access the entire library of manuals. In addition to textbooks, the subscription will also unlock other features such as study aids such as flashcards and annotations.

That being said, it will depend on whether or not it will work cheaper for you as a student. If you are lucky enough to get free gifts from a brother or friend, or if you are able to buy used textbooks at super low prices, then this might not be not for you.

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