You can now use emoji to find food in Uber Eats

Spice up your messages with emoji as if they were old-fashioned? You will now have an easier time ordering food. Uber Eats introduced searchable pickup maps that let you find restaurants by typing not only text, but emoji as well – a single burger or sushi roll might be all you need to locate a restaurant. This should save you time, of course, but it’s also useful if you’re traveling to another country and don’t know the word for a certain dish.

The map itself shows the restaurants in relation to your location, with symbols that clearly indicate the type of food you’ll get. You’ll know if a pickup is right around the corner, or if it would be smarter to request delivery instead.

You can find the map searchable in the Uber Eats app and on the web. The addition is timely – now that the pandemic is (slowly) abating, you may be more inclined to collect your food than wait for a courier. At the very least, it might improve searches for anyone who grew up with emoji and might not want to write full words.

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