Youtube Will No Longer Display Video Annotations

As of January 15, they will no longer be shown.

The annotation of the annotation editor was on May 2, 2017.

Youtube decided not to show the Annotations as of January 15, 2019 as stated in the note below.

Update: as of January 15, 2019, we will no longer show existing notes to users. All of them will be removed.

We want to help you win more fans and keep their interest in your content. Therefore, we create products such as cards and final screens. They are optimized for mobile devices and allow you to conduct surveys with the public, add product links, recommend videos and more.

With the success of the final screens and cards, the use of annotations fell by more than 70%. Therefore, the annotation editor was discontinued in May 2017.

This means that you will no longer be able to add new notes or edit existing ones. You can just delete them. Existing annotations will still be displayed on desktop computers.

We also want to explain the context better:

  • The final screens and cards work on mobile devices: we launched the annotation editor in 2008, when mobile devices were not yet widely used. Now that they represent 60% of YouTube’s watch time, it makes no sense to annotate to reach a minority of the audience. Final screens and cards work on mobile devices and computers, which increases the return on your investment.
  • Final screens and cards arouse more interest from viewers: we’ve found that these features generate seven times more clicks on YouTube. Viewers usually don’t like annotations. On average, they click on a note for every 12 they close. In addition, more and more viewers disable annotations altogether.
  • Creating final screens is easier: many creators have told us that annotations are difficult to add to the end of videos. With the final screens, the process became much easier and up to 10 times faster. You can now import end screens from other videos or use dynamic overlays to save even more time.

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